The Candles Burning Blue: Pearls Given To The Swine (2 CD)


This is the first official reissue of The Candles Burning Blue’s highly appraised cult album Pearls Given To The Swine. For two decades the original CD pressing has been sought after but nearly impossible to find.

Known for their violent and chaotic gigs, The Candles Burning Blue were an unconventional Gothic Rock band. Instead of romantic beauty they dealt with the harsher aspects of the darkness oozing from their own troubled lives. Even though they only released two CD-r, a split 7” and one full album, their impact on the Finnish Goth underground was a lasting one.

Members went on to play in bands like Reverend Bizarre, The Puritan, Werwolf Lodge and Opium Warlords, but never reunited.

A1 Mimosa
A2 After My First Murder
A3 Someone Is Here
A4 What Have I Done?

B1 Funeral Wedding
B2 Disgraced Girl
B3 How The Black Art Was Revealed
B4 Disco Death

C1 Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome (Live)
C2 The Thelemite
C3 My Portrait In Sadness And Glory
C4 The Stone Orchids

C5 In The Morning (Live)
D1 Bethrothal And The Rites Of Rape (Live)
D2 She Travels The Fastest Who Travels Alone (Live)
D3 Jubileum In Hell

D4 The Terrible Secret


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