Kati & Asko: 3 Step Andy (LP)


1 3 Step Andy
2 Boredom Train
3 Freeway of Yesterday
4 Juan Said
5 Morning Gazelles
6 Spiralling (Autumn Leaves)
7 Strange Boy
8 Wind Song
9 Berlin
10 Espe’s Taxi 74


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Psych Pop/Folk duo from Finland. Easy going, easy flowing music.

Like two falling stars crossing ways and gravitation set them on a common trajectory, Kati Salo and Asko Keranen share a dream and have started this quiet adventure. The musical result is a delicate, sparse electro-acoustic duet, combining indie pop with folk to interstellar clouds of intimate beauty.

Kati Salo: guitar, vocals, Asko Keränen: guitar, keys, vocals
with guests:
Jarkko Viinamäki: guitar (1., 2., 7., 10.)
Katariina Záborszky: violin (1., 3., 4.,6.,7., 8.)
Kaisa Karjalainen: harmonica (2.)
Tapani Varis: contrabass (7.,8.,9.)
Ari Outila: keys (9.)
Esa Haverinen: vocals (10.)

Recorded at livingroom Käpylä, Fishinghut at Äkäslompolo, Altai studios Maunula, Santa Jalla at Batakunku, Gambia. Between 2017-2019.

Miked and mixed at Paras-studio, Porvoo by Jarkko Viinamäki, Kati & Asko
“Berlin” mixed at Les Lilas studio / Paris by Leo Fourastie

Mastered by Leo Fourastié at Les Lilas Studio

All songs written by Kati Salo & Asko Keränen, except „Freeway of Yesterday“ music by Asko Keränen PK Keränen and Esa Haverinen, words by Asko Keränen and Oliver Whitehead. „Spiralling, (Autumn Leaves“ music by Asko and PK Keränen, words by Asko and Jussi Niemelä
Music arrannged by Kati & Asko, except violin arrangements by Katariina Záborszky, „Berlin“ string arrangement by Ari Outila, „Boredom Train“ additional arrangement by Jarkko Viinamäki.

(p)&(c) 2022, Bone Voyage/BB*ISLAND, under exclusive license from K.Salonen & A.Keränen. All rights reserved.


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